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Top 5 Effective Email Marketing Software For Online Marketers

Are you looking for the effective email marketing software for your business? Picking the best email marketing tool can impact the success of your business marketing campaign.

Using email marketing software, you can communicate a message to a large number of people and track results in real time, for example through the open rate, click-through rate, social sharing and the number of subscriptions. With the advent of social media, some people believe that email marketing is outdated.

However, several studies show that it is this method that allows direct sales specialists to get the best return on their investment. In this post, we will review my top 5 email marketing software for small and big business.

What Is The Use Of Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing can take many forms. Although the value you can derive depends on your goals and strategies, most companies find it particularly useful for:

  • Increase their visibility and remain the first mentioned.
  • Acquire new customers while reducing communication costs.
  • Improve the relevance of communications by personalizing them.
  • Cultivate relationships with viable prospects until they are ready to buy.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Earn sales and cross-sell with existing customers and even more.

How Does Email Marketing Software Work?

In their simplest form, email marketing software lets you create campaigns, obtain and manage subscriber information, send emails, and track the results of your email campaigns. To help you, I have selected the top 5 best email software For Online Marketers for a complete comparison!

Top 5 Effective Email Marketing Software.

 1#. GetResponse

getresponse email marketing software

Signup for Getresponse Now

GetResponse besides being an email marketing tool, it is also an excellent solution because it allows you to integrate it with other services that companies usually use.

Some of the advantages it provides users is, it’s user-friendly and intuitive creation of emails, more than 500 professionally pre-engineered email templates, free access to more than 1,000 images to customize the design of your emails, and a help center with hundreds of videos plus downloadable guides.

However, this platform has been characterized in the market by having four useful features that its competitors lack, such as: Click here to signup for Getresponse

  • Unique IP addresses, to have greater control over delivery capacity
  • Full customization where you can easily configure a sub-level of user access control
  • Integrate GetResponse in your business systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, Twitter, and many more, to increase your contact list.
  • Help support chat with incredible response times, less than 10 minutes, and 24 hours a day.


#2. Aweber.

aweber email marketing tool

Another surprising email marketing tool is Aweber, which has stood out as the simplest of all, although its functions mainly focused on digital publications, such as blogs.

For this reason, the most outstanding features offered to users are the hundreds of subscription forms to increase the newsletter list of your website, and a huge library of templates to customize the design of the emails.

In short, this tool is ideal for those companies or freelancers who are dedicated to the creation of content and need to manage a large number of forms with multiple customization options in the designs.

Although on the other hand, the free plan that this tool offers has some limitations, since it only allows up to a maximum of 500 subscribers but includes the unlimited sending of emails.

Other disadvantages that also include is that it does not include the direct integration of social networks in the messages so that subscribers can share the articles with their friends.

Despite its drawbacks, it is important to highlight that this tool allows great ease and convenience in the payments of its different service plans.


# 3. ConvertKit.

convertkit email marketing tool

Click here to Signup now for convertkit

ConvertKit has done a great job of simplifying its software for bloggers who wear many different hats in their business.

The ConvertKit has been truly created from scratch with very simple of use in mind and, candidly, no tool makes it easier aa well as better than ConvertKit.

ConverKit includes everything you need to start using e-mail marketing, including forms, pop-ups, landing pages and more.

Landing pages are essential to help bloggers capture email addresses. And generally, you should use a third-party add-on to help you do that.

When you send an email, you will usually get an opening rate of approximately 20 percent. Maybe a little higher or perhaps a little lower depending on your very own relationship with your fans or customers!

And, most of the time, we are truly happy to cancel the 80 percent that did not open and just point it as it is.

But with this resend to the opening ConverKit tool, you can send the email again, either with the same title or a new one, to people who did not open it.

This gives you the opportunity to increase the number of people who watch your content, interact with your courses and read important emails that might otherwise be lost. Click here to Signup now for convertkit


4#. Active Campaign

activecampaign email marketing software

Signup for Active Campaign .This email marketing tool has proven to have first-rate software that addresses the needs of medium-to-large email marketing.

The first impression of Active Campaign is a bit overwhelming.

The initial control panel contains all the data you can collect, and it is difficult to understand where to begin or perhaps what to look for:

  • And once it goes beyond the board and the individual characteristics, it is much simpler to handle.
  • Each of the tools appears with access to a back-end knowledge base that does a good job explaining what each tool does, and how you can get the results you want from it.
  • There are many customizable templates on offer, including their registration forms and emails, which truly connect and work.
  • You do not need to know much about design to make them look professional. Signup for Active Campaign


# 5. Sendlane.

sendlane email marketing tool

Click here to signup for sendlane

Sendlane has a drag-and-drop email editor that’s easy to use and gives you the ability to create templates for your dreams.

From different layouts to pictures and social networks – the Sendlane is there for you.

The goal of Sendlane email software is to accurately represent your business and brand by designing the perfect template.

The evolution of email marketing employing the Sendlane messaging software is here! You should no longer send the same e-mail to your entire database. Click here to signup for sendlane

Behavior-based email marketing with Sendlane now allows you to control the emails your subscribers and customers receive as a result of their actions.

This creates a personalized experience that allows you to maximize interaction with your subscribers and increase your revenue.

The Sendlane kept their plans simple. No contracts, no setup fees and no limit on the number of sends you can make. This marketing software includes all functions at all levels because they do not want you to feel left out.


These are just some of the best email marketing software out there. As you can see, there are many options, and each one has its strengths and areas of opportunity, as well as its interfaces. In that sense, the best for you would be the one that best suits your goals and your way of working.

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