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Top 15 Highest paid Bloggers – Most profitable blogs in world.

Do you want to know the top highest paid bloggers in the world?

There is no doubt that paid blogging will stay in existence for a longer time and it will certainly have the potential to create many future bloggers who will be paid for their writing.

Blogging has become a way for most entrepreneur to generate income. Benefiting from paid blogging is not only rewarding for bloggers alone, but also for advertisers.

There are lots of paid bloggers out there making It through blogging.

Everyone has opinions and information to share, and blogging is a great way to do it.  And even more importantly, you can actually make a great income blogging just for posting your knowledge & opinions!

When it first started, blogging was a way for people to discuss different articles on websites, share links to additional information & just communicate with other people around the world that shared their interest.

Blogging grew in popularity and many people used blogs to share personal information like a sort of diary or journal.

Other people created informative blogs about certain niches that interested them, and now they are making some amazing money – some even bring in a full-time income!


Top 15 highest paid bloggers

If you want to make a career as a blogger, you have to earn money – enough to live on that – and most importantly you must review the Top highest paid bloggers to serve as an inspiration and learn what they stand for.

Lets dive in to see what type of blogs make the most money.

1. HuffPost – $14,000,000 a month

Top 15 Highest paid Blogger - Most profitable blogs in world.

Currently Huf post is the highest paid blog which was recently renamed Huffington Post.

HuffPost changed blogging as we knew it. Primarily funded through advertising revenue and investment, the site was purchased by AOL in 2011 for $ 315 million and is now valued at $ 1 billion.

Huffington post  is the most profitable blog in world today.

Launched in 2005, millionaire lawyer Arianna Huffington used her strengths and her many contacts to make her personal publishing business a major international information platform.


2. Endgadget – $ 5,500,000 per month

highest paid blogger

A franchise of blogs that covers different aspects of consumer technology in different languages.

In 2005, Engadget was sold to AOL for $ 25 million.

Engadget is known for his review on gadgets, tips and industry news. Endgadget makes its fortune from advertisement.

3. TechCrunch$ 2,500,000 per month

TechCrunch is another technology-driven spinner.

It was founded by a contractor named Michael Arrington, and TechCrunch deals primarily with the technology industry.

It was sold to AOL for $40 million in 2010, TechCrunch earns most of its revenue from banner advertising.

4. Mashable – $ 2,000,000 per month

Mashable is a lifestyle blog for the digital world.

It was once a technology blog that was focused on social media but now Mashable has become a global media platform encompassing technology, science, entertainment and lifestyle.

Mashable is very highly profitable blog.

Mashable earns money through cross-format ads.

It is still managed by Cashmore as a private company.

5. CopyBlogger – $ 1,000,000 per month

Top 15 Highest paid Bloggers - Most profitable blogs in world.

Copyblogger offers highly respected advice on all aspects of digital marketing and selling a range of online tools, things like improving SEO and better social media coverage.

It was launched by online marketing innovator Brian Clark in 2006, still on top list of highest paid bloggers in world.

6. Perez Hilton – $ 575,000 per month

Top 15 Highest paid Bloggers - Most profitable blogs in world.


The site was launched in 2004 by Perez Hilton and earns money primarily through sponsorship.

It began as a hobby blog of celebrity culture in the United States and is now the most famous and one of the country’s greatest online personalities.

Perez is in the list of highest paid bloggers, he makes over $500k from his blog every month.

7. Gizmodo – $ 325,000 per month

Gizmodo has being enjoying popularity and success for years and it looks to stay that way, Gizmodo covers gadget design, consumer technology, and advances in science, science fiction, and politics.

His revenue comes from advertising. Peter Rojas made a name for himself in Gizmodo, which he founded in 2002 before Engadget.

8. Smashing Magazine – £ 250,000 per month

Smashing Magazine was launched in March 2009 by Sven Lennartz and Vitaly Friedman.

The blog  is monetized by selling books and eBooks, holding industry conferences, job postings and a paid-for member area where attendees can access tutorials.

It is a B2B information resource for web designers and developers.

9. Tuts + $ 175,000

Envato’s Tuts + is an independent online learning platform for the digital community.

“Tuts +” was launched in 2007 by Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire and June Round Live and started out as a collection of 15 educational blogs that deal with programming, web design, graphic design, video, development of games, and more.

10. Lifehacker – Monthly Income: $ 110,000

Lifehacker was created by Gina Trapani, a professional web and app developer.

It was founded in 2005. Gina is still on top 10 of highest paid blogger.

The lifehacker contribute innovative concept, invites people to contribute “tips” and “how to” articles on every imaginable aspect of life, has made the blog become a cult phenomenon.

11. Melyssa Griffin – Monthly Income: $ 110,000

The blog specializes in audience growth and generates revenue through blogs and social media.

The blog earns money through affiliate marketing and online sales.

It was created by Melyssa Griffin, she started blogging in 2013 as an outlet for her interest in creative design while teaching in Japan.

12. SmartBlogger – Monthly Income: $ 100,000

paid blogging

SmartBlogger is designed to advise blog writers on how to make their website successful.

The blog was launched in 2012 by Jon Morrow.

SmartBloggers earn their money mainly from online courses and affiliate links.

13. VentureBeat – Monthly income: $100,000

Venturebeat blog about investment and business news.

This website make its money from advertisement and sales of research reports.

Venturebeat blogs about almost everything especially from gaming to online security, as well as marketing and enterprise which is a non tech business content.

It was launched by Matt Marshall a Financial journalist in 2006.


14. Zoella – Monthly income: $62,500

Zoella is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog with two hugely successful companion YouTube channels.

It was launched by Zoe Elizabeth Sugg in 2009.

Zoella makes most of its money mostly through pay-per-click ads on YouTube and brand collaborations.

15. ProBlogger – Monthly income: $40,000

ProBlogger specializes in “How to” and “Top Tips” articles and features a podcast too.

Money is earned through advertising banners, a jobs page for online writers, and the sale of ebooks.

It was launched in 2004 by Darren Rowse. A to highly paid blogger who runs a number of popular, and profitable, blogs.


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