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ToP 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog that Makes $1,000

I will show you my few tips to monetize your blog and make at least $1000+/month. Making money from a blog is now easier by applying few ideas I will be sharing with you shortly.

Is there a topic or perhaps product that you are passionate about, that you would spend hours talking about without stopping, but your friends are already tired of listening to you? It’s time to open a blog as to carry out the 10 unique ways to monetize a blog I am about to show you.

The Top10 Unique Ways To Monetize Your  Blog


1- Ads

This is the most simple as well as the easiest way to monetize your Blog. You can advertise on your Blog in 3 ways:

  • Google Adsense.
  • Sell Ads spaces.
  • Banners of Pay per Click Ads.

The key factor to succeed with the Ads is the number of Visits you receive. A Website with an average of 2,000 daily visits has the potential to generate approx. $ 600 only with Ads.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is the most popular and profitable way for monetizing a blog through affiliate marketing.

it is useful for new and experience blogger as you don’t need to create a product to sell, you simple promote some one else product and earn commission.

For example, if you’re running a travel blog, you can easily sell Travel service like Flight booking, Hotel booking or even physical products related to travel.

If you are in health niche, you can promote health products, supplements, body building or weight loss products.

There are countless numbers of businesses that sell products, these companies allow you to sell your products on your website, earning a commission based on the sale price of the product. Do you now see how easy it can be to monetize your blog with some one else products.

It’s almost like an agreement to share profits between you and the company.

Depending on your niche this can be a very lucrative powerful way to make money from a Blog. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you do not have to sell your own products, avoiding shipments and storage.

There are three ways to earn in Affiliate Marketing:

  • pay Per Click (PPC): You get paid when someone clicks on the product.
  • Pay per sales or (CPA): You get paid when some buys a product.
  • Pay per Lead (CPL): You earn money when some signup a lead form.

The key factor to be successful with Affiliate marketing is to provide your visitors with products related to your niche, which are useful, have good prices and characteristics that differentiate them from others.


3. Advertising

monetize your website

You may think advertising PPC program could be a great way to monetize your blog, unless you are getting a massive traffic at average of 10k/day or more your income will be low.

The real money comes when you have decent or massive traffic to your blog.

It’s another most profitable ways to make money from a blog by selling advert space. You probably make decent cash than usual PPC program.


4.  Sale of Products.

monetize a blog

This system uses what they call Online Stores. It consists of manufacturing or creating your own product, promoting it on your Website to sell it to your potential Visitors.

You may also buy a product from other wholesalers and list them on your website for sale.

The types of products that you can sell on your page are unlimited. You can sell both physical and digital products.

The most recommended are the sales of digital products because you avoid the handling of inventories, shipments, etc.

And at the same time, they are the most sold type, among which are: Courses, e-books, audio and video downloads.


5. Donations

This is another way to monetize your Blog; it’s not so common.

This method gives good results in religious niches.

For you to obtain a good donation, you have to worry about publishing top quality content so that your readers feel that they should contribute to your project.

You will make money with the donations stuff if you write a convincing text all the time, but you can hire someone to help you get the job done.

6.  Write For Articles Site

Generally, these types of pages have Google AdSense ads. The site places the ads among your articles (the ones you have posted on that site).

The advantage they offer is that you do not have to worry about anything on the Website, only to generate quality content and publish.

You avoid maintenance of the Site.

The Key Factor for this type of Pages is to be good writers, to know the techniques of SEO widely.


7. Flippa or Selling Blog

make money from a blog

If you think your website is not making money for whatever reason then you have the option to sell it. For most people who have a decent site with high traffic but yet unable to monetize the blog; this is an opportunity for you to make some money selling your blog.

I have actually sold some of my website for over $2,000.

There a various platforms you can actually sell your website, one of them i highly recommend is Flippa.con. This website is one of the best marketplace for buying and selling online business.

The question is why would some one wants to buy unwated website? The reason is that most people are lazy to create and develop  blog from scratch


8. Promote your Business

ways to monetize your blog

You can have a physical Business that you want to promote through a Blog; you can do it exclusively to give more information about the said business to the visitors of your locality and thus generate more sales in your business.

This can be said to be an indirect method of generating income because you would be generating income with your physical business, but thanks to your Blog.

Also, the other way is to promote an online business. If you have a page (static) to offer your services, you may not be getting the necessary visits to have clients.

This is because Google gives more priority to blogs that publish frequently, and if your page only contains three sections where your biography, services, and contact forms are, you have no hope of being positioned in the first place for searches of what you offer.

The key factor to get the most out of this type of income is to publish First Quality content so that your visitors have the concept that you are a broad reference and knowledgeable in that area and do not hesitate to hire your services.


9. Offer your Services

This is almost the same as the concept number 7, with the difference that you can offer your services directly on your blog without having to have an independent static page. And from your Blog generate Customers and Profits.

Types of Services Most Requested and Best Paid:



You’re going to make money if you make use of any one of these two; you can even learn it online in case you don’t have the skill. Just take a few courses out there, and you’re good to go.

10.  Sponsors

This type of income is only obtained when you have a considerable amount of visits, is that any website or company sponsors your blog, this means that you pay X amount of money to put a banner on your blog with a link to them.

The difference between the ads is that in the ads you win according to the clicks that your visitors give in those ads.

While in this type (sponsors) you gain by the simple fact of having the company’s banner, regardless of the growth of your blog or the clicks that your visitors give in the banner.

11. Reply Emails

This income is only obtained when you are an expert in your area, and you are a great reference.

They consist of making a profit by answering emails with questions or questions from your readers, which are urgent and need a response from a professional in the area.

For example, if I am a Marketing Specialist and a person sends me an email asking about Personal Branding but needs detailed information.

I can answer the email the same day and give a professional response, but charging X amount of money, because I would be giving you a service.

12. Writing eBooks

This is pretty an easy way of making money from a blog by selling an ebook. You don’t need to create an ebook before you start making money from this method.

You can easily sell private label ebook and brand it as yours and you are good to go.

The creator of ProBlogger Darren Rowse made over  $72,000 in a week after launching his book. You can actually make some money with decent flow of traffic rolling in to your blog.


There are many Unique Ways to Monetize your Blog, but that’s not why you have to trust yourself and believe that you will be rich overnight. It requires work, effort, sacrifice, and patience. Making money from a blog could be challenging especially to beginners.

If perhaps you have just started your blog you can try to implement the ways as mentioned above, but as your blog is new and therefore you do not have visitors you will earn very minimal amounts (cents only), so I recommend you to be patient

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