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TOP 10 Profitable Blog Niche List That makes the most Money

10 find-profitable-niches

Why do I need a Blog Niche?

The reason why you need a blog niche before starting a blog is to help you to know your target audience. For example, a fashion blog would majorly be targeted at the female folks. Once you know your target audience, it would be easier to know the right kind of content to post on your blog.

Blog Niche

This is the focus of the blog; the subject matter and this determines the targeted audience. Here are other familiar terms you need to know.

Blog: A blog was known as a web log before now. It is like an online journal or diary where a person shares his or her thoughts with others. A blog is an online site that is majorly used for reaching out to others.

Blogging: This is the continuous process of working on a blog. It is the process of designing and editing a blog.

Blogger: This is a person that designs, edits and publish a blog post.

Blog post: This is the thoughts shared by the blogger.

Why A profitable blog niche

One of the reasons people blog is to make money, yet some bloggers are not making money… The question is why?

This is probably because they have the wrong blog niche. A blogger needs a profitable blog niche before starting a blog for the following reasons :

  • To make good preparations in advance for the blog.
  • To make money from your blog in the fastest way.
  • To know your targeted audience.
  • To know the kind of affiliate program required for your blog.
  • To know who to advertise to.


  • Blogs doesn’t make money. Some People don’t believe blogs can bring income. You make money when you provide value and solve problems.
  • You need to pick an easy blog niche. This is not far from the truth as there is no easy blog niche.
  • A blog niche is not important, you can just write on anything at anytime. Blog niche is very vital in blogging.

Choosing a Blog Niche

A blogger needs to follow these steps to have a successful blog niche. These steps would guide you as a blogger in picking the right blog niche.

The steps are outlined below:

  • Pick a niche that you are a bit familiar with: it’s always better to pick a niche that you have interest in, this way you would not get bored writing blogging. For example, if you love fashion a lot then you could just pick a profitable niche that is related to fashion.


  • Streamline the niche to one with high number of audience: having great interest in fashion is not enough, a blogger needs to look for the kind of fashion he or she wants to engage in for his or her blog. An example is picking a niche on fashionable clothes/wears, footwear, vogue styles, and others.


  • Choose a niche that solves the problem of your targeted audience: This is just like manufacturing or selling a product that people need badly. A blogger should pick a niche that would solve the problem of his or her targeted audience. Perhaps you want to reach out to youths especially the male folks then, you can pick a niche on what men have interest in like sports, e. t. c.


  • Make a list of your competition in the niche: There is probably no niche that other bloggers would not have used in the past. This is why it is necessary to make a list of the other blogs that are using that niche.


There are a lot of niches out there you can choose from, though these article aims at giving you the top 10 profitable blog niche ideas.

Aside from the top 10 list, there are profitable blog niche ideas you may also consider. such as:

Babies, Science, Climate, Travel, Meditation, Counselling, Health, Photography, Religion, Banks, Colleges, Scholarships, Business, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, E-books, Artists, Lifestyle, Writing, design, Technology, Marketing, making money, industries, politics, motivational talks, Snacks, Training, Cartoons, Sex, accessories, Disability, e.t.c.





The best and hottest blog niche ever. It’s  so profitable because everyone wants to have a good health and live healthily. it covers diverse health related topics.

As a blogger in this niche, you are like a health adviser for people, you give them advice and tips on how to live healthily.

The subject can be categorized into nutrition and diet, fitness, weight control, diseases, disease management, societal trends affecting health, analysis about health, business of health and health research.

Your blog acts as a health educational platform, where diverse users collaborate to seek and/or contribute health content within the standard guidelines. There are a range of topics you can pick from:

  • Men’s healthy living.
  • Women’s healthy living.
  • Weight loss.
  • Diet.
  • Healthy living. e.t.c.

A health blog niche is profitable for the following reasons:

  • You get a lot of traffic to your blog because it’s a topic that many people are interested in.
  • Many affiliate programs especially those on health products would love to use your blog for advertisement.
  • Your blog members would want to sponsor you because they love your articles.
  • You can make money by selling health products on your blog.
  • You can make money by giving health advice on your blog.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include : precision nutrition, weighty matters.


This is a blog niche that covers the topics of dating, dating tips and relationship tips.

This kind of blog niche doesn’t focus on a particular gender since both male and female are looking for a person to engage with and they both need tips on how to deal with their partner.

Though you might get more of female audience, you would still have male audience depending on your subject.

In this niche, you will get more followers than just traffic because you engage your audience emotionally and physically in your articles.

Your audience sees you as an expert and would want to listen and follow you to help them solve their relationship problems. You enjoy earning the trust of your audience.

It is more of an interactive blog and will receive a lot of comments.

There are topics you can pick from:

  • Dating tips.
  • Relationship advice

A Dating and relationship blog niche is profitable for the following reasons:

  • You make money from advertisement as the niche attracts a lot of audience.
  • You can make money by giving private counselling to your followers.
  • You can profit from affiliate marketing.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include : Last first date, cupids cronies 

#3 PET

A pet blog is focused on pets. Pets are friendly animals that lives and associate with humans.

People have pets and they want to know more about their pet.

Examples of pets: dog, cat, rat, rabbit, e.t.c.

A pet blogger can Choose from these variety of topics:

  • Funny videos of pets.
  • Funny pictures of pets.
  • Healthy living for pets.
  • Behaviors in pets and lots more.

Why Pet blog niche is profitable for the following reasons:

  • Most people have pets and will like to learn about them.
  • High traffic helps you to earn with advertisement.
  • You can sell health related products for pets.
  • You can sell pictures and videos of pets.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include : The pet blog lady, that pet blog


Due to increased rate of obesity, this blog niche has become very popular. The blog covers topics on keeping fit, exercises, dieting and so much more.

Men and women want to look fit which makes this blog niche a great one.

Fitness and weight loss blog is profitable because:

  • You get high traffic.
  • You can sell products for fitness and weight loss.
  • You can advertise for a lot of companies that sell these products.
  • You could earn by giving advice to your audience.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include: Cranky fitness, preppy runner


This blog niche is targeted at giving useful advice and tips on how to become wealthy or build up their wealth.

Since, we have many people that want to be wealthy or make money.

This blog niche is very profitable.

How to profit from this blog niche?

  • By selling e-books on wealth building.
  • Through affiliate marketing program.
  • Coaching and enrolling your readers in a course
  • Successful blogs in this niche include: like Wealthy palace, Valhalla wealth.


This blog niche is majorly for educational purposes.

It provides relevant information’s on education for students, teachers and supports a good learning environment. A blogger that majors in the education blog niche can pick any of the following topics:

  • Academic and scholarship.
  • Educational tips

An educational blog can be profitable in the following ways:


This has to do with saving money, managing funds, investment and so on as long as it has to do with personal finance.

Personal finance blog niche is profitable in the following ways:

  • You can sell e-books.
  • You can advertise for stock broker companies, banks and so on.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include : 20 something finance, moneyning.


 Travel blogs majors in travel literature. The blogger conveys information about their various adventures, provides suitable advice for visiting particular countries and it could be for traveling generally.

A travel blog can be on any form of travel or for any travel agency.

Travel blog niche is profitable for the following reasons :

  • Travel agencies love to advertise using travel blogs.
  • The blogger can earn money by selling e-books.
  • You can promote travel affiliate programs
  • Successful blogs with this niche include : Lily’s Travel plan, The blog abroad



Make money using the internet is now a trending method of making money by many people.

People are being enlightened to make money online but they do not know how.

A blog with this niche would get a lot of traffic.

It is also profitable to the blogger because:

  • The blogger gets a lot of traffic.
  • One can earn money through advertisement.
  • He can sell his products or services such as e-book, online course.
  • He can promote other peoples products as an affiliate marketer.
  • Successful blogs in this niche include : Wealthy palace, Pro blogger


This blog covers sport news, famous athletes, scores for sport games, sport betting and much more.

There are lots of sport games all over the world and a sport blog would surely have a lot of audience.

A sport blog can be profitable in the following ways:

  • Through sports affiliate marketing programs.
  • You could earn by advertising for betting sites.
  • Successful blogs in this niche includes: digital hoop blast, activ8 social.


A profitable blog niche is highly germane to make money as a blogger. This article has provided you with answer to the questions on blogging that might have been bothering you. If you like this post follow us on FacebookPinterest and don’t forget to enter your Email below to join my  7 steps free course to go from $0 – $10,000 per month blogging

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