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5 Best Startup Investment Opportunities

Are you looking for investment opportunities to invest in?

We live in a digital era and technology has woven its way into nearly every aspect of our lives.

One of the greatest things about modern day technology is the internet, which is still perhaps one of technology’s greatest and most beneficial innovations that provide perhaps the investment options online.

The internet offers a seemingly endless array of monetization and startup investment opportunities for people looking to make money online.

For online investors and entrepreneurs who want to boost online revenue and earnings, there couldn’t be a better platform or a better time.

 5 Best Startup Investment Opportunities 

In this article, we are going to look at five of the numerous online investment options that can help you create additional stream of income.

1. Selling and flipping domains

domain flipping - Online Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for a viable and reliable online business to invest money in, then domain flipping is a venture you should consider.

Domain flipping simply refers to the business venture of buying and selling domains at a profit – the idea is simple, you buy something at a lower price and selling it at a higher rate.

In less tech savvy terms, a domain is the part of the URL that appears in the address bar after “HTTP://.” For example, the domain name for Facebook is “”

All you have to do is buy a domain name, register the domain on a reliable domain flipping site (like, and and wait for a profitable time to sell.

Registering on a domain flipping site isn’t always necessary as you can source for interested buyers on your own, but domain flipping sites do all the work for you by connecting domain name sellers with prospective buyers in one marketplace.

To make a substantial amount of money in the domain flipping market, you need to buy good quality generic and short domain names. Profitable niches include real estate, telecommunications, business, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

On a daily basis, over 300,000 domains are registered, a figure that is constantly increasing.

Several of these domains are either expired or not in active use meaning there is a huge market for the domain flipping business.

New businesses are usually more interested in already popular domains, and they would be willing to pay you just to acquire a good domain name that you own.

In 2010 a record was set in the domain flipping market when Quin Street purchased for $35.6 million.

Granted, domain flipping may not make you a millionaire overnight, and as a newbie in the business, you may not achieve the same success as the experts.

However, just as it is with any other business venture, experience and time, you’ll realize that domain flipping is a lucrative business model

2. Shopify Drop shipping

dropshipping online Online Investment Options

Dropshipping is a business model that offers the opportunity for a third party or middleman that acts as a link between the wholesalers and final consumers.

Shopify platform is the best online investment sites for beginners and expert who want to venture into ecom business.

Here, when shoppers place their orders on your online shopping site, all the retailer (you in this case) has to do is forward the order to the affiliated supplier/wholesaler whose job it is to pick and deliver the order to the consumer.

The profit is the difference between your retail price (what you charge the customers) and the wholesale price (what the supplier charges you).

Dropshipping business is ultimately convenient because you do not have to stock up on a large amount of product. You do not need to own an inventory at all.

All orders are transferred to the supplier who picks up the details – product ordered, quantity, shipping address, etc. and takes over from that point.

As a retailer, you first of all need to partner with drop shipping suppliers to fulfill online orders. World Wide Brands is a supplier directory retailers you can use to contact dropshipping suppliers.

Dropshipping is a profitable business model, and about one-third of the e-commerce industry including retail giants like and use this model.

The first step in the dropshipping business – even before partnering with suppliers is to set up an online store on Shopify.

Shopify provides an online platform for retailers to set up their stores, organize products and every other process associated with running an online store.

The advantages of drop shipping are numerous – it requires little capital to set up as retailers do not need to purchase inventory. It is relatively easy to start up – launch an online store on Shopify, connect to drop shipping suppliers and voila!

You do not have to worry about stock supplies, warehousing, location or product selection range, that is the supplier’s business.

Ultimately, dropshipping comes with the reduced risk of financial loss, if for whatever reason you decide to discontinue your business – no inventory, no problem.

Certainly, there are in-built complexities this business comes with, but the convenience, flexibility, and profit are worth it.

3. Amazon FBA 

amazon fba startup investment opportunities

Amazon is one of the largest and most popular online retailers in the world, and a great investment opportunity to consider. what if I told you that you could sell your goods on Amazon?

If you are searching on where to invest your money online, this is where Amazon’s FBA comes in. FBA is an abbreviation for fulfillment by Amazon. In this business model, all that is required of you is to acquire your products and ship the stock to Amazon.

Once your products are delivered to them, Amazon takes charge of your stocks and handles customer service on your behalf.

Amazon picks, packs and delivers your products to the customer, and you get paid weekly or every 14days for most sellers.

it offers e-commerce entrepreneurs a wider reach, instead of setting up your online store, you get to sell your products on one of the world’s largest online retail site –

Amazon charges relatively low fees as fulfillment charges (which includes the cost of pick up, packaging and delivering) and storage charges.

These fees are dependent on the units and sizes of your products. Nevertheless, the charges cannot be compared to the boost your business will receive as a benefit of being featured on Amazon’s FBA.

The first step to getting started involves setting up a Selling On Amazon account, then proceed to add FBA to your account. Follow the necessary steps then sit back and watch Amazon make your money for you.

4. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing best online investment sites for beginners

Affiliate marketing is another investment opportunity for anyone who is looking to startup an online business.

Affiliate marketing simply involves promoting another person’s or company’s products and services on your website either through banners or links.

Now if someone follows the advert from your page and eventually makes a purchase, you are entitled to a percentage of the money made from the sale.

The thing with affiliate marketing is that you get to choose what products you want to be advertised on your site and the more buyers your site generates, the more revenue you earn.

Affiliate marketing is as simple as that; you get paid for every referral that ends in a purchase.

There are several affiliate programs available to website owners, and most of them do not even require a fee to join.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs where you can invest your money and earn weekly payout include Amazon, Clickbank, Maxbounty, Warrior plus, Jvzoo, Markethealth and ShareASale affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the ideal stay at home business as it requires little money and minimal effort. Still, affiliate marketing should not be considered a get-rich-quick scheme; you will have to generate enough traffic to your website if you hope to make referrals. It requires effort, time, knowledge and planning to transform it into a viable source of income.

5. Cryptocurrency

crypto currency investment opportunity

Another startup investment opportunity to consider is to buy, sell or hold Bitcoins. Cryptocurrencies took the world by storm and have been marking waves in the fintech market for a while now.

There are several ways you can invest in cryptocurrency that will see you raking in lots of money in no time. Two of the most lucrative ways are through;

  • Cryptocurrency trading

In this method, all you need to do is buy cryptocurrency, store it in your digital wallet and cash out when there is an increase in the price value of the coin.

A wallet is a unique address on the blockchain where you can store your digital currency. Your cryptocurrency remains safe and secure as long as the private key – password that gives you access to the wallet is not compromised.

As at 2016, Bitcoin was worth less than 500 dollars a token, the market value of Bitcoin experienced a major surge, and it is currently worth a little below $10,000 per 1 BTC. Someone who bought Bitcoin 2 years ago can trade it now and make nearly 2000% interest on their investment.

Additionally, for certain coins like bitcoin, you can buy fractions up to the 8th decimal place on the coin meaning you don’t have to spend all of $10,000 to buy 1 BTC.

  • Cryptocurrency Mining

In simple terms, cryptocurrency mining is the process of verifying transactions on the blockchain before they are recorded in the database. A person who mines cryptocurrency is a miner.

For example; Let’s assume someone buys a pair of shoes and wants to pay for them with Bitcoins via his digital wallet. A miner will have to verify the payment before the transaction is completed. 

The miner gets paid with bitcoins charged to the person who initiated that transaction. Sometimes, miners join a community of miners called a mining pool with the aim of maximizing earnings.

Occasionally, the system releases bitcoins to these mining pools as extra rewards upon the completion of several tasks or for outstanding achievement.

However, cryptocurrency transactions are unregulated, their market value is unstable and ever fluctuating, and there’s always the issue of cyber theft. Extreme caution is recommended before you delve into investments involving cryptocurrency.




Making money online is the recent trend that provides startup investment opportunities, and it is easy to get excited by all the available options.

So if you are looking for where to invest money, ensure you do your homework on whatever investment option you think is most suitable. Research deep and explore all your options before you invest your money in anything.

Strategize accordingly and optimize every opportunity you get. Some business ventures may take a longer time for the big cash to start streaming in, nevertheless, find one (or two) that fits your niche, work hard and start earning money. Drop your comment below if you got some questions or any contribution. 

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