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Top 3 High Ticket Affiliate programs – Pays $12,000/sale

high ticket affiliate programs

One of the fastest way to live freedom life and make money online is by selling your product or some else products to earn commission, however high ticket affiliate programs are big fishes to really earn big with affiliate programs.

Some top notch internet marketers make millions by promoting this kind of affiliates. You can earn between $500 to $12,000 per sales with  high ticket affiliate program.

There a various component you must look out when searching for this kind of affiliate programs to help you make a right decision.

What is a high Ticket affiliate programs?

Top high paying affiliate programs - Top 3 High Ticket Affiliate programs - Pays $12,000/saleThis are supper affiliate programs with high commission payouts. This programs pays between $1,000 to upto $20,000 per sale.

The good thing about this high paying affiliate programs is that  you need few sales to earn big money online.

In high ticket affiliate program you don’t need to do any sales process, everything is done for you.

All you need do is to position your visitor at the door step of program through your affiliate link.


Do You Need Any skills to Make Money With high paying affiliate programs?

As i have told you earlier, every thing will be done for you. At the very moment you become part of this program, a coach is assigned to you who will tell you all you need to get started.

Your coach will teach you everything from setting up your business, driving traffic to your offer and making sales. Nothing is complicated about this, it is a complete done deal for you. So worry FREE.

How to Select The Top Paying Affiliate Programs

There are few criteria you need to check before choosing any high ticket affiliate program to avoid pitfall. Watch the video below, it will give some tips and guidelines to find best programs for you.


Best high paying affiliate programs to join Today?

I highly recommend MOB (MTTB)high ticket affiliate program that pays up to $12,000 per sale. I will also share other ones that are great as well to have more options.

Top#1 High Paying Affiliate Program: MOBE (MTTB)

MOBE is a small business training company and has an affiliate program that earn you money when you refer some one to buy their products and services.

The program comes with full coaching for premium members with no online experience. You can watch  a short video below to see why i consider it as the best high paying affiliate program to join:

Top #2 Aversity Partner’s Program High Paying Affiliate Program

Aversity is all in one business solution helping internet marketers to build successful business and achieve financial freedom. Aversity allows to earn big commissions on autopilot through there high paying affiliate programs.

To get started, simply signup for the program and start learning from your dashboard, with free tools available to promote products and earn big commissions!

My #3 Max Bounty high paying Affiliate Program:

I really love MaxBounty affiliate programs, they are kind of picky and some times difficult to enter. That shouldn’t scare you, they need people who are experience in world of affiliate marketing.

So, when you filling the form make sure you read their terms and policy, use your domain email as primary email as that will imply you are serious in business.

If you pass the interview and approved, you can now access the full range of their affiliate programs and start promoting.

What to consider when joining these affiliate programs

High ticket affiliate programs are great options and opportunity to earn full time income online. The sad truth is you really need to work hard to earn more money. Work hard, spend time and invest money with them to become successful.

First Week: Jenny Made $1,200 with high paying affiliate programs:

This video shows how jenny earned $1200 on her first week with a high ticket affiliate program on MOBE. This shows how powerful it can be promoting this kind of affiliate program.


Earning this kind of commission is real. it is also possible with other affiliate programs with lower offer but you need to make a lot of sales to earn this much. Instead, i will prefer you promote reoccurring commission affiliate programs as you will earn money from the same affiliate product over and over again.

High ticket affiliate is a way to financial freedom and you have to take a step further to achieve that. Am recomending you join MOBE today. Click here to apply for MTTB today

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