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This is a new industry and massive number of entrepreneur, business owners are already killing it with their social media handles. There are various ways you can make money with social media.

As we all know Social media is a platform to meet with friends, families and celebrities.

However, social media can also be a platform to make money.

Making money with social media comes with a lot of advantages for you. These advantages include:

  • It is easy to use
  • It is convenient
  • You do it at the comfort of your home
  • All you need is to have a social media account.
  • It is faster; since you can reach a lot of people at the same time.
  • You need little or no capital to start. All you need is creativity.
  • You do not need any qualification to make money with social media sites


Lets have a look at various ways you can monetize social media platform for your benefit.

By the time you have gone through this points, you will understand social media is beyond chatting but also a platform to earn living.

Lets get started


social media handles - social media advertising

We have people with a lot of followers and friends on their social media network.

Well, having a lot of friends and followers either on Instagram or Facebook or any social media sites is wonderful!

Why? Because you can use it to advertise products and services for various firms and make money through it.

You could check for the website of any company and talk to them about your business, they would check your social media handle and determine if they would use it or not.

You can also start by advertising for companies like schools, boutiques within your community and before you know it…..

other organizations would be looking for you to help them advertise their products and services.

So what are you waiting for?…… Start making money!!


earn money referring - make money with social media

This is all about referring someone to a site.

We have many referral sites that would pay you for the number of people you refer to their sites.

All you have to do is place the link on your social media page or share it to as many people as possible.

The more they click and buy, the more your money you make.

Sites that can get you started with referring are as follows:

These sites would help you get started, the pay ranges with the site but it is easy and you can make money without sweating or stressing yourself.


Make money selling your skills on social media sites

Oh! You might be wondering what it means to sell yourself.

You could have something you can do like a talent or skill, perhaps you like writing, editing, tailoring and so on.

You could just post it on any of your social media sites, put your contact and before you know it, people would start calling for your service.

For example,
I am an artist just inbox me if you need an artist.
It is so easy and with that, you could have people that would inbox you for your service.


make money with AFFILIATE MARKETING using social media

Marketing can be one hell of a stressful job when you have to walk around to look for who would buy your product, sometimes it might not be safe and you may end up not getting anyone to sell too.

Well, Affiliate marketing is a platform for online marketers that want to make money in a comfortable way.

All you have to do is create an account with the site then market your affiliate link on your social media site and whenever someone buys a product through your link then you get a commission.

Sites that do affiliate marketing:

There are a whole lot of sites that pays you for this job. Affiliate marketing is not just easy and quick but also comfortable.


ultimate guide to make money with social media consultancy

The use of E-store has become very popular among people now, there are a lot of online stores now.

This has prompted the need of a social media sales consultant, you would act like the middle man.

The sales consultant gives the customer advice on which product or brand to use and answers all the customer’s questions concerning the product.

He/She also ensures that the customer buys the product and the chat is always through social media sites.

You can just check online for stores that are in need of sales consultants and apply.

Start up a Business

Starting up a business on social media handles

You do not necessarily need a land based shop before you can start your own business, your shop could be your social media page.

All you need to do is take pictures of your products and paste them on your page or market places with your contact information, in some cases you may need to run some promotion to reach more audience then wait for sales.

It is that simple! Selling your products online has been made easy.

You could also make use of Kajabi, Facebook’s marketplace, shopial, Instagram shop and others to set up your online shop at your own convenience.

Though you might pay for using them but it is sometimes worth it and if you want it free then you could just post your products on your page.


This is another easy way of making money with social media site. It is very easy, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Create a YouTube account in case you don’t have one. To create a YouTube account, all you need is a Gmail account.

2. Create a channel

3. Post videos on the channel; make them videos that would attract people (hint: you could also use your other social media handles to advertise your channel)

4. Sign up for Google Adsense

5. Add your channel to Google Adsense

6. Start making money!!


social media management tool

Most Organizations look out for social media managers to help them manage their social media page.

To become a social media manager, you need to have experience managing theĀ  social network.

Once you apply for the job, the organization would ask for your profile and skill set before giving you the job.

The more people sees your profile the higher your chances of getting hired and even with great pay which could be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Through social media, you can meet new people that can become great help to you in the future.

This people can connect you to jobs that would give you great pay, they could also give you advice that would help you to make money without paying for the advice.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that can help you to connect with people in your field, you could even send them messages without the stress of booking for an appointment.


As a photographer, you can just take beautiful pictures and make sure they are not licensed to just anyone until you give the license to the person.

You can sell the pictures using your timeline or page and make money through sales of your photos.

You only need a collection of great pictures that would sweep people of their feet, you need to be creative.


A lot of people are looking for online tutors that would teach them privately without coming to their house.

This is great as you can take advantage of this and become an online tutor.

You could use the video chat of your social media handle like Skype, Whatsapp, IMO and so on to tutor online and make money without leaving the comfort of your home.

This is a great method of becoming paid because your students would pay you after the lesson which could be two hours; less or more depending on your agreement.


You could be an online trainer and train people in any skill you have.

Perhaps you are very good in baking, you could teach people how to bake online using your social media handle.

You do not need a training center as you could use your social media handle as your training center.

You could train people in a variety of things like, cooking, make-up, fashion designing, music and so on depending on whichever one you choose.

Training people online could make you a very popular person in your field hence advertising your skill to other people who need your services.


social media network

Using your social media network, you could become a counselor and earn money.

You do not need an office before you start counselling online, all you need is a serene environment where you would not be disturbed by anyone.

You can counsel people on various matters and earn money for your advice without stress.

Some people would even pay for you to just listen to them pour out their heart without saying anything.

All you need is to connect with people.


Making money through social media sites is very good, you could also do this alongside your day job or your business.

It wouldn’t disturb your normal routine as long as you can time yourself effectively.

It is better to grasp this method and make money for yourself while enjoying your social media page.

However, you have to be careful so as not to fall in the wrong hands.

Always do a review on any business or work before venturing into it. Enter your name and Email below to learn my step-by-step formula am usingĀ  to make over $10,000/month with my blogs.

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